Getting to Placencia from Belize City

(Placencia is 3.5 hours away south of Belize City, via the scenic Hummingbird highway)

By Shuttle: All-in-One Travel Service (011-501-620-2267 / 615-7225); approximately $90.US per person (each way); pick up at Belize International airport. 3.5 hour ride. Private van, group discount. Great folks.

By Rental Car: between $90 - $100. US a day; roughly 3.5 hour drive. We have a private place to leave your rental car while in Placencia.

By Air: (Tropic Air or Maya Island Air) $135. US each way per person / 40 minute flight. Fastest way.

By Taxi : $300.US each way by SUV (4 people); $350 US by van (6 people).

(Note: If going to Bird Island the same day as arriving, the shuttle/rental car/taxi way works as long as one is arriving in Belize International by 1pm (then it is a 3.5 hr drive to Placencia + 1 hr for food shopping + 30 minutes to get to the island by 6:30pm (it gets dark in Belize by 6:30pm). If arriving to Belize International well after 1pm best to fly to Placencia.)

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Length Of Stay

There is a minimum stay of 4 nights.


In Order To Help With Your Logistics
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If arriving in Placencia the same day as going to Bird Island, we can pick you up at the local Placencia airport; or if coming via rental car or shuttle best to meet at our Privasea Tour office, which is only 100 yards from Ming's Supermarket, where you be food shopping. 


If in town a day before going to Bird Island, we can pick you up at your hotel at 11am (or later) on the day of departure to Bird Island, just let us know where you are staying beforehand. Please note this option is available if staying near the town of Placencia, if staying well away from the village, such places normally do have a free shuttle into Placencia.

Either way, you are most welcomed to stop by our Privasea Tour office any time.

The Trip From Placencia Village To Bird Island

Is included in the booking price.


If going to Bird Island the same day as arriving, the shuttle/rental car way works best if one is arriving in Belize International Airport by 2pm or so;  it is a 3hr drive to Placencia + 1 hour for food shopping + 20 minutes to get to the island. It gets dark  in Belize by 6:30pm. If arriving to Belize International after 2pm it is best to ~fly~ to Placencia if leaving for island on the same day). Staying a day in Placencia prior to coming to the island is a great choice since the village is a fun place to be also).


General Meeting Place: The Bird Island/Privasea Tour building is right on main street Placencia, where the sidewalk crosses the main road in the middle of town. (The latest Covid information/requirements are below).

Sleeping Accommodations

The island's has now four separate buildings; the main house which has a master bedroom with a queen-size bed with all amenities.


The 2nd building is a new over-the-water, totally self-contained cabana, also with queen-sized bed and also with all amenities.


The 3rd building is a small cabana  with a double-size bed, desk and bathroom.

The 4th sleeping place is the new upstairs suite with full amenities.


The island is best suited for up to six  (8) persons.

Extra Guests

Because of the new additions to the island, inviting more additional people is now an option.


 Upon booking, perhaps it is best to book for only persons you are sure of, but change your reservation as you get closer to actual arrival if you need to. We do accept Credit Cards for any additional costs.

 It is important that the reservation is indeed kept accurately as to the number of guests coming ~before~ arrival since it helps us plan better for your stay.  Only 4-year old and younger are free.

Tours from Bird Island Placencia
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Side Tours

While staying in town or on the island: these are few side tours we highly recommend. We now have our own tour company, its emphasis is on quality tours. See our new tour website at  or visit our new location right on Main Street Placencia.


 And do so with 'Thurman' who has an uncanny ability to put our clients consistently on exceptional fishing as well as just plain fun to be with. He has been running our Bird Island fishing trips for years. All fish and are cleaned and packaged for personal use. ​

If you are looking for fishing or the excitement of catching your own fish, conch or lobsters, look no further. 2 people $300US,  4 people $400US,  6 people $500US 


Located 11 miles from Placencia or only 5 miles from Bird Island. Laughing Bird Caye is a National Park with white sandy beaches, wide array of fish, rays, corals etc. Snorkeling with our Underwater Sea Scooters make this an unforgettable adventure. $95. US per person


(Situated on the second largest Barrier in the world)

Is also an exceptional tour where you get to swim with turtles, nurse sharks & rays with Sea Scooters. $100. US per person 


Monkey River (12 miles south of Placencia), is filled with the most interesting exotic flora and fauna in Belize. 

Enjoy a relaxing boat ride while taking in the scenery. You will see howler monkeys and crocodiles, birds etc . Also learn about the medicinal plants that grow in this area from a local guide. Enjoy a local lunch in Monkey River village. On the way back to Placencis you get a chance to see the manatees. Price: $85.00 US per person

 We can also arrange all inland tours such as Ziplining, Cave Tubing, Mayan Ruins, Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve & Waterfalls & River Tubing.

You are always welcome to stop by our office right downtown Placencia which is located in the middle of town on main street where the sidewalk changes over.


We accept credit cards.

Exclusivity | Security | Cancellation

Exclusivity: Yes, when you book Bird Island, we do not mean it is privately owned, but that you will have the whole Island all to yourself in ~total~ privacy with a 'no-tan-line' personal type of privacy. There is no staff on the island.

Security: Though Bird Island is 6 miles away from town and inside its own atoll, it is on a main thoroughfare of tourist boats traveling from the Placencia mainland to the main Belize Reef; everyone knows Bird Island locally and keeps a close eye on it. The new Coast Guard station is now in a nearby island.

Communication: We do have a local phone and WiFi in the island. Unlimited, High-Speed Internet.


Cancellation: We do follow the cancellation policy in our reservation form.

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What to bring to Bird Island Placencia
Recommended Gear & Equipment To Bring

Wading slipper-type shoes: The island is surrounded by hard sand flats and within 100 feet by live coral; bringing soft shoes that cover your toes and ankle are a good thing to have when walking about. There are many pairs in the island that may fit you, but no guarantee to do so.

Snorkeling equipment: Bring your own or the office does have excellent sets.

Fishing equipment: The island is usually surrounded by constant marauding schools of fish (jacks, snappers, etc) feeding around it. We do have some fishing equi66pment on the island but bringing your own is best. If you want to do bottom fishing, you should buy shrimp bait when food shopping. The island has a new fishing dock.

Buying Food: Bird Island is a self-catering scenario so plan to bring only meats, vegetable and drinks (especially liquor) for your stay. We will be shopping with you. The island does have a very well-stocked kitchen with a myriad of condiments such as cake mixes, flour, rice, spices, oils, paper towels, garbage bags, etc., so you are not required to think of such things. Close by where we take off for the island while in Placencia, there are excellent food store (Ming's) and Clive's vegetable stand. Food shopping is a very simple step and is left to the last moment.

Refrigeration: The island has a new large el;ectric refrigerator. Bringing at least a 4-6  bags of ice is best.

Water: The island has a well-filtered rain-water system for all general uses. However, we still provide purified bottled drinking water for drinking. Meaning no need to worry about bringing water. 

Communication: A local phone is at the island so you can call local numbers. The island has good and reliable WiFi, which will be changed in April, 2021 to High Speed Internet.
 As to music, the island has a great Bose Bluetooth speaker to play your own music; please no streaming, it is a bandwidth killer.


Power: The island runs on solar-power and a wind generator; so no noisy generator.  Though no need to worry about power over all, the island is not equipped at present to accommodate the usage of exceptionally high-power items such as hair dryers or air conditioners. 

Getting Around: There are 2 single-person and 2 new double-person kayaks to cruise the atoll that surrounds the island. There are many floating devices also.

Sun Tan Lotion and Bug Spray: Remember, it is the tropics; the best type of suntan lotion is one of a high Block Factor (50), either lotion or spray type.


As to bugs (i.e. sand flies), Bird Island just doesn't have them, unlike the mainland or most other Cayes. This reality is one of the most unique aspects of Bird Island.

Bird Island recommended accommodation in Placencia
Places To Stay In The Mainland (Placencia)

 There are many good places to stay in Placencia, and many of them are right on the beach. We do suggest staying close to town versus up the peninsula, unless it is a totally self-contained resort, since you may find yourself constantly coordinating transportation to Placencia just about every day.  Today, Placencia is a very happening village while the rest of the peninsula is still sparsely populated.

Bird Island Placencia weather patterns
General Weather Pattern

January-June 15th: is considered the 'dry season'. 

June 15th-July 20th: the first seasonal rains tend to occur. Daily short thunderstorm. 


July 20th-September 15th: usually is very nice weather, interrupted by the occasional 30-minute passing shower.


September 15th-October 30th: the second period of seasonal rains tend to occur, again daily short thunderstorm.

November 1st-December 30th Occasional scattered thunderstorms here and there but great weather in long stretches between them.

(Please note that weather in Belize tends to be pleasant, specially at naturally-protected Bird Island which is in a rain shadow and protected by a reef, so its surrounding waters stay relatively calm and crystal clear even if windy. Weather. needless to say, we could never guarantee, so the above is only a rough guide.)


Bird Island is always undergoing improvements each year.


We reserve the right to make changes without notice since each Fall we undergo many renovations all done for the betterment of our guest's stays. 

Last Note

Bird Island is always undergoing improvements each year.


In 2016 we added new decks, a fishing dock and the new observatory overlooking the atoll, which guests have welcomed.


Last year (2017) we did the new walkways and an added over-the-water, totally self-contained cabana (16ft x16ft).


This year (2018) we already added a new fishing dock and palapas and will be adding many more additions and improvements; we will start on a true beach and an added 'bird' island.

Last Note