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Reservation Form 


    Direct Booking Price (per night for first 2 persons): $895. Extra guests beyond 2 only $100 per night/per extra person. Children 3 or under are free.  No booking fee. Price includes transportation to and from the island from the town of Placencia and there are NO other costs involved (i.e. taxes, sport equipment, amenities, etc.)

    The island is perfectly suited from 2-8 persons. You can always book for just two persons initially and add more guests later; we just need to know the final count a few days before arrival so it helps us plan better for your stay.








 Payment and Cancellation Policy:

    Since there are no outside fees when booking direct, your savings will be aproximately 15% + lower than if going through a booking agency like Airbnb, VRBO, etc. Nowadays half of our bookings are direct. Once you submit the above form we will send you an invoice for 50% deposit via email; 2nd payment due aproximately 60 days before arrival.


Payments should be send to via Paypal. We have a 100% refund for cancellations made more than 120 days prior to arrival; none if less than 120 days unless the dates are re-booked by someone else which usually happens. You can always add more guests (up to 8 total) right before actual arrival and we can reconcile the difference just before arrival.


    Please note that we reserve the right to make any changes to our listing, since we are constantly improving the island. New pictures are constantly being updated showing any improvements and additions as they happen.


Telephones: 011 + (501) 672-9636

Email: / Web:

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